Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mactracker 5.0.6

Download for Mac OS X
Download for Windows

Release Notes:

- Adds MacBook (13-inch, Late 2008)
- "My Models" expanded to include Printers and Newton models
- Fixed issue with update notifications where clicking "Remind Me Later" would display the notification again after only 30 minutes
- Updates Support Status for Apple's latest Vintage and Obsolete products
- Other minor changes and additions


Anonymous said...

MacInTouch announced your new version 5.0.6 on its page today (Dec 22) but said that you list "every Mac OS computer (including clones)". Perhaps you should tell Rick Ford that you don't include clones anymore... unless you want to add them back. I vote for the latter.

niclet said...

Hi, just want to note that MacTracker 5.0.6 doesn't retain any Preferences. For example, if I set Currency to Canadian Dollar and Large text font for main window's icons, changes appears until I quit MT. When I reopen MT, Preferences are lost and set to default, in my example: Currency is back to USD and text font for main window icons is back to small.

Just for you knowledge.

niclet said...
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niclet said...

Ok, The Preferences issue seems to be solved: I quit MT and trash away current "ca.mactracker.mactracker.plist" and "ca.mactracker.mactracker3.plist" in ~/library/ Preferences/
Then I relaunch MT and set some Preferences. Now when I quit and launch MacTracker, Preferences are kept.

This is the first time MT gives an issue, but it was probably cause by old or corrupt Preferences files. So, not a big deal ;)

Chris said...

I don't understand the indication of Warranty status of "My Models". Never got one of my products inside there. Any tipps?

Nice feature for a new version would be the correct symbol for the different products inside "My Models". i.e. adding an iPod gives me an iMac. That's stupid.

Thanks for your work!

Anonymous said...

This is a great application! I can't count the number of times I've opened it up to find out information about an older model machine a friend or family member has bought! It's much faster than Googling the machine and digging through tons of websites with ads that are selling the machines while giving 10%-50% of the information your application makes so easily and readily available! Keep up the great work!

Red Claw said...

For the Warranty Status of the computers, the format of the warranty date needs to have slashes. (i.e. 1/14/09 or 04/02/2009) As long as the date has slashes it should work. Any computer that is still under warranty will show up in "In Warranty". And computer that has its warranty due to expire in 30 days will show up in both "In Warranty" and "Leaving Warranty". Any computer whose warranty has expired will show up under "Out of Warranty".

Hope that helps.

Kai said...

Very nice tool! What I miss is having the beautiful Mac icons in the "My models" section; every model there is labeled with the same desk-lamp iMac icon!? Also, is there any way to import the exported "My models" list? Moving Mactracker to another computer currently means entering all the data & comments again.

And please bring the Clones back! I had a cutting edge Umax, sad not to see it in the list, albeit they had an official Apple license.

Anonymous said...

Maybe time for a update, since the 2009 line is the most interesting to mompare the machines with.

Anonymous said...

I to vote for update time

Anonymous said...

We'd appreciate an update soon :)

Anonymous said...

This app needs the latest Unibody Macs, new Nehalem Mac Pros and updated C2D iMacs/Mac minis.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, looking forward to an update. :)

Choyness said...

Update time please! Missing 2009 models

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