Thursday, December 17, 2015


Anonymous said...

The Software section is currently missing tvOS.

Anonymous said...

After the update is no longer working (iPod touch 5th generation with iOS 9.2). Shows only a black screen. I also tried to delete it and reinstall it.

Anonymous said...

Yip; same as above. I have an iPod Touch 6th generation with latest iOS and it also shows a black screen despite reinstall.

Anonymous said...

Can no longer play startup chimes!

Quinn said...

Like your app, very handy!

Could you add a couple items?
1. Add option to sort items in my Favorites by release date/year
2. To add a machine to my Favorites, I have to go into the machine's page and then click the share sheet. Can you add a contextual menu to each machines entry to quickly add to Favorites?

As a bonus, add the machines crash sounds too :)

Awesome job, keep up the great work!

Ian Page said...

An update has been submitted to Apple that will hopefully resolve the crash on iPod touch models. It will be available once the review process completes.

Startup chimes are still included, simply tap the model icon.