Friday, February 15, 2008

Mactracker 5.0.1


Release Notes:

- Adds Mac Pro (Early 2008)
- Adds MacBook Air
- Adds Xserve (Early 2008)
- Adds Time Capsule
- Updates iPhone and iPod touch
- "AirPort Base Stations" category renamed to ""Wi-Fi Base Stations"
- Power Macintosh 5260 separated from Power Macintosh 5200/5260 entry
- "My Models" expanded to include Apple TV, Displays, iPhone, iPod, and Wi-Fi Base Stations
- Adds "Initial Price" to Xserve models
- Adds "Lights-Out Management (LOM)" to Xserve models
- Adds "Coprocessor" information to Classic Macintosh models
- Adds "Floppy Drive" port information to Classic Macintosh and PowerBook models
- Adds "Go to Model" menu item similar to Finder's "Go to Folder" to quickly open an info window
- Fixes an issue with receiving Apple Events
- Updates Support Status for Apple's latest Vintage and Obsolete products
- Other minor changes and additions


netdude27 said...

Please update Mactracker for Windows

Anonymous said...

You are the man!!!
Serious, your tool is just great and gives us a great support in repairing macs.
We are all big fans of Mactracker...

Go on with it.
Greez Thomas
from switzerland

alysdexia said...

cool work

But each field needs a reverse lookup—such as for capacity or port or processor. It'd be great for all of these fields to link up so the program can rank them. And the search field hangs the process when I enter "NVIDIA" or somesuch.

You mungd System 2.0.1's cover with 4.0's history and date.
System 6's date should be April 1988.

System 7.0: full, $0; Personal Upgrade Kit, $99 (ironic, with "free" 90-day phone support, unless it's AppleCare)
System 7.1: $99-6/$34.95-7
System 7.1.1/7 Pro: $149-6/$99-7
System 7.5: 1994.9, $134.99/$39.99-7.1/$19.99-7.1.1
OS 7.6: $99 CD, $129 CD+FD/$69-7.5 CD, $99-7.5 CD+FD
OS 8.0: $99 CD, $124 CD+FD/$69-7.6 CD, $94-7.6 CD+FD
OS 8.5: $99/19.95-8.1
System 1.0: 1984.1
System 2.0: 1985.4
System 3.0: 1986.1
1.0–7.0: $0

Extended Keyboard II: Alps M0312, part 661-0543, $155; Mistsumi M3501

Would you add eWorld, AppleCare, iDisk?

Ian Page said...

"System Software 2.0.1" was the name of the package that contained version 4.0 of the System file which is why it is also referred to as "System 4.0".

I haven't heard of the problem with the search field before. Was this in the main window or the field in the "Find" window?

onicon said...

nice work as always! but please bring an updated version for windows as well, or release the db so we can edit it on our own ;-)

alysdexia said...
O, I see the weird gaps...

So Wikipedia doesn't even cover Software .x, 1.0, or 2.0:

The hang happens on the Mactracker window but not Find.

Would you add kernels or microkernels? ROMs? ports and plugs? power adapters? (The squarish PB transformer with willowy inner braided-silver output wire is junk; it frays in half a year, and as I leave the battery out for safekeeping, the laptop would go out. I dropd my first and it would overheat quickly, then fray. So I lost two of these.. which is why I use a cheaper, thicker third-party adapter which is still fine.)

alysdexia said...

You should also put the upgrade price for OS 9.1 and 9.2 as $0, and fill in 10.1 as $20/0.

alysdexia said...

Mac OS X Server 1.0: $249 education, $499 unlimited
Mac OS X Server 10.1, 10.2, 10.3: $499\$999 unlimited\$499 license upgrade

Up-To-Date upgrade
10.3: $19.95
10.4, 10.5: $9.95

license upgrade:
10.2: M8726Z/A
10.3: M9237Z/A
10.4: M9770Z/A

10.5: MB005Z/A, MB004Z/A, MB006Z/A

fds said...

Could you please explain how the "My Models" feature works? It's driving me nuts that I still cannot figure it out.

The only machine which shows up inside "My Models" for me is the Mac that I'm running Mactracker on.
I can't figure out a way to add all my other Macs. I tried dragging, Ctrl-clicking, looking at the menu, still can't figure out how to add them.

Ian Page said...

fds: In the current release (5.0.1) you can add models in the "Notes" tab of an info window. For example if you owned a "Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White)" you would open that window, click on "Notes" tab then on the (+) button in the "My Models" section to add details. Click the (-) button to remove a entry.

Anonymous said...

Are you able to write in French ?
Mac is new for me... amd I hsve need french..

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