Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Anonymous said...

Could you make Mactracker 64-bit in the next update? Thanks!

P.S. Mactracker is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Please add the following missing Project Names:

Apple Thunderbolt Display = J59

iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G) = K48M

iPhone 5s = iPhone 6,2 = N53

iPod Classic (Late 2009) = N25c

iPod nano (4th Generation) = N58
iPod nano (5th Generation) = N33

iPod shuffle (3rd Generation Late 2009) = D55, D98A

iPod touch (3rd Generation) = N18, N72bc
iPod touch (5th Generation) June 2014 = N78B

iMac 21.5-inch (Late 2009) = K22
iMac 27-inch (Late 2009) = K23
iMac 21.5-inch (Late 2015) = J94
iMac 21.5-inch Retina 4K (Late 2015) = J117
iMac 27-inch Retina 5K (Late 2015) = J95

MacBook 13-inch (Mid 2009) = MacBook 5,2 = K36C
MacBook 13-inch (Late 2009) = MacBook 6,1 = K84
MacBook 12-inch (Early 2016) = MacBook 9,1 = J93

MacBook Air 11-inch (Mid-2011) = K78
MacBook Air 13-inch (Mid-2011) = K21

MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.53 GHz (Mid 2009) = MacBookPro 5,4 = K19i
MacBook Pro 15-inch (Mid 2009) = MacBookPro 5,3 = K19
MacBook Pro 17-inch (Early 2009) = MacBookPro 5,2 = K20
MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid 2009) = MacBookPro 5,5 = K24

Mac mini (Late 2009) = K88A
Mac mini Server (Late 2009) = K88A
Mac mini (Mid-2011) = J40

Mac Pro (Early 2009) = K5A

Xserve (Early 2009) = K7

Anonymous said...

Please also see the comments section for "Mactracker 7.5.1 for OS X" for a list of corrections and omissions needed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

One more addition:

Apple TV (3rd Generation) discontinued September 2016.

Sam said...

MacBook pro is more powerful and faster than before, also thinner and lighter as usual. It has the brightest and most colourful display ever!

Robert Welain said...

easy way to spy on someones iphone is available to anyone now

Joseph said...

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