Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mactracker 4.1 Beta

Version 4.1 is now compiled as a Universal Binary. Other changes include the addition of Apple's latest hardware updates, "My Mac models" section to Macintosh info windows, model icon previews in the main window, info on whether a Power Mac G5 model uses a built-in or external AirPort antenna, and the current iPod software version. A complete list of changes, including some known issues with the beta, can be found by choosing "Mactracker Help" from the Help menu. Please note that this version of Mactracker is beta software and may contain bugs and/or incomplete or missing features. It currently requires Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later.



Anonymous said...

I just tried the 'My Mac Models' feature. I like the idea but... What I would like is a sort of an extension of the 'This Mac' feature already implemented. In other words, it would be a list that is separate and would have a place for whatever Macs you have, including space for serial number, date of purchase, comments, etc., and then a link to the regular Mactracker model description.

I don't want to have to look for the model of my Mac to find 'My Mac' each time I want to acces the information. Sometimes, I forget which Mac model variant I have because of the subtle differences Apple had made. It is much easier to have the reverse - a 'my mac' list with only my models - which I figure out once then can forget - and a permanent link from that list to the Mactracker list. Then I don't have to think each time "does my iMac have USB 2 or not" or "was my iBook early or late 2004" or whatever.

Hmm. As I read this I'm not sure I'm making myself clear... Let me know. Otherwise, I love the program! Very much worth its modest cost.

Anonymous said...

This is a great program, I have the newest version installed on my Mac OS X computer, and an older version installed on my Mac OS 9 computer. The onley question is when will you have versions with updated apple hardware for Mac OS 9?

Anonymous said...

As longtime fans of Mactracker, we were excited to see the addition of "My Mac models." I don't know why this did not occur to us until now, but we'd be positively giddy if you added an asset tracker to Mactracker (even as a paid add on)... particularly if you could make it clever enough to import the reports we pull from Apple Remote Desktop when we do inventory.

There simply does not seem to be a good Mac based hardware/software asset tracker on the market. Mactracker seems like it's already about 80% of the way towards making an awesome hardware asset tracker (if that's something you chose to pursue). In an ideal world, we'd also be excited to see a Delicious Library - like (see www.delicious-monster.com) software asset tracker as well.

That's our feedback for what its worth. Thanks for serving the Mac community so well for so long.

Ian Page said...

For david b: The next beta release of 4.1 will include a "My Mac models" category in the main window. It will list both the models with "My Mac models" entries and the entries themselves.

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