Thursday, September 20, 2007


CLYDE said...

A friend gave me an iBook but with Linux installed instead of Mac OS.
The operating system is called XFCE.Can I remove it and install Mac OS again?
If yes,which Mac OS should I get?
I'm not sure which model I have but after I looked around the Internet,I think I have iBook G3 (Dual USB).
Also,how can I find what RAM , CPU etc does the computer have?

Jack said...

You're barking up the wrong tree. For questions like that head on over to

Basically, yes, you can install Mac OS back on the machine and you'll probably want to install one of the latest versions of OS X (called Panther or Tiger). I don't think the of G3 processor has enough "oomph" to run the latest version which just came out a couple of weeks ago and is called "Leopard".

Under XFCE I have no idea how to get info about the amount of RAM, but the CPU is a 500Mhz "G3" PowerPC. Ask you friend how much RAM it has or else, once you install Mac OS X, pull down the Apple Menu and select "About This Mac".

Wikipedia has a page with the Dual USB iBooks information:

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