Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mactracker for iPhone and iPod touch

I'm excited to announce that Mactracker is now available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPod touch!

Developed in collaboration with Dave DeLong, Mactracker for iPhone contains specifications on every Apple Mac along with Apple displays, printers, iPod, Apple TV, iPhone, Newton, Wi-Fi Cards/Base Stations, and Mac OS versions.

Model icons are not included with this release as they contain Apple trademarked content.

Download from the App Store


Anonymous said...

Hello Ian!

Great thing ou did!

I was looking for some information about the new 2nd gen ipod touch and its built in loudspeaker, but i didn`t find it in your data.

as far as i know one difference between 1. and 2. generation ipood touch is the built in loudspeaker.

greetings from germany
matthias haun

Anonymous said...

I think your iPhone app is useful enough to have a $1 price tag on it - I would pay that via iTunes rather than sending a donation via some other system since I already have an iTunes account, which is necessary even for the free downloads or free iPhone applications.

ken said...

Here is a small suggestion for the next iPhone Mactracker app. Move the "Play Startup Chime" button to the top of the descriptions. One of the fun things about the OS X app is pushing the button for that oh so pleasant palette cleansing sound.

Anonymous said...


Just downloaded the app to my ipod touch. Great idea, my only suggestion is to try and use the appropriate icon for each item, if it is available. The repeated classic icon, while cute, tends to be visually numbing. Good job otherwise



Andrew Fontes said...

this is great! Is there anyway or reason why it requires 2.2.1? I'm hesitant to upgrade my phone as i've heard issue with battery life and I don't want to redo all my settings right now.. This is the only app that is asking for that version of iphone software that I have seen.

Let me know! Thank you in advance!


niclet said...

Thank you so much for this !

Now, if I can suggest, the summum could be to add the ability to get the desktop and iPhone versions synced together.

I have a lot of notes, categories and smarts folders in the desktop version, it could be very handy if they were synced.

Anyway, just an idea... But your new iPhone app version plunge us in a new era ! Thanks again ;)

Mr. Reeee said...

This is great to see!

I don't understand why Apple would block your use of Mac model icons!?!?! You use icons in the mac version.

AND you're using the startup chimes as well. Surely sounds are copywritten material, too, no?

Since Apple is not allowing the use of icons... and Apple's machine naming comventions are so confusing... why not put some of the nicknames of machines in the titles to help differentiate in those long lists of generic "classic" Mac icons.

ie: PowerBook G3 "Lombard", PowerBook G4 "Titanium"...

MahRain said...

When is the update for iPhone coming out with the latest WWDC '09 Macs and iPhone 3GS?

Stephen R said...

Two thoughts:

1) Bookmarking would be nice. (The aforementioned syncing even better, but I'm not greedy ;-)

2) If you can't have the right icons, better to have *no* icons. (The wrong icon isn't simply decoration, it's *bad information*)

forbetaorworse said...

I'll second the syncing suggestion. If this would sync between macs and iphones and other macs i would gladly pay a relatively hefty fee.

I do think you should charge 99c for this app and make yourself some cash for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

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