Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mactracker 5.1

Download for Mac OS X

Release Notes:

- Adds iMac (20-inch, Mid 2009)
- Adds iPad
- Adds Compare function to highlight differences between models
- New search engine searches all specification entries from the main window
- Adds introduction price, where available, in Australian dollars, Japanese yen, Swedish kronor, and Swiss francs
- Updates Support Status for Apple's latest Vintage and Obsolete products
- Fixes an issue that would cause Mactracker to crash when adding a new contact to "My Models" under Mac OS X 10.6.
- Fixes an issue where certain characters would cause incorrect search results
- Other minor changes and additions


Anonymous said...

2009 Aluminum Keyboard (2x AA version) is still missing. Only the 2007 model (3x AA version) is listed. They have different model numbers and minimum OS requirements.

Otherwise, nice update.

Pavel said...

Nice update, but I miss the old Mactracker logo.

__ said...

Ian, could you please add back in the Clones?

You had the information already there and it is not like there are going to be any more clones coming down the pipe any time soon.

I really liked being able to compare a Clone's specs to a Apple Mac.

What is the reason to take them out, it was only 21 models which amounts to only 4% of the models that you currently have.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new version, but I´m still unable to add Magic Mouse in "My models".

Unknown said...

Any idea on when an iPad-specific version is coming out?

jhnri4 said...

Can we release MacTracker 5.1 for Windows?

Unknown said...

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Pavel said...

We need a Mactracker update and a version of Mactracker for iPad.

Pavel said...

Who is this Emily spamming the forums?

Pavel said...

Ian, we're waiting on you!

Unknown said...

Awesome app, both for my Mac and iPhone. Any chance of a release with the newest models and iPad?

Brett Wooldridge said...

I have a new'ish Core i5 MacBook Pro. I expected it to be listed, but no joy. Something like a 3-month update cycle would be nice. It's not like Apple releases new versions every month.