Saturday, May 14, 2011


Mactracker 1.0 was released on May 14, 2001. 10 years ago today. Over the years it has become a useful tool for resellers, service providers, collectors, hobbyists, and IT support professionals.

I wanted to say thanks to the users for the great feedback and words of encouragement over the years - Mactracker wouldn't be here without you!

Thanks especially to those who have made a donation to support future development. If you have found Mactracker helpful, please consider a donation!


dddo said...

Thank you too your App (^^)v
I want to donate, but sorry, I am poor now (; ;)

# I am cheep salary and buy too many gadgets, like iPad, MacBookAir 11inch, or other Hards and Softwares, camera, IC recorder... :-P

kangg said...

I want to say Thank You too.

Mactracker helpful when I work with Apple's History.

Steve said...

Could be possible to download the classic version? Lovely!

Richard Majece said...

I think that you should have special education if you want to solve this problem. And if you don't like to do homework, I think this might help you

Anonymous said...

I thought your prev version was decent. But I will check this one too!