Sunday, December 02, 2012


Anonymous said...

Very bad you don't support Snow Leopard anymore.
There are still a lot of people that didn't upgrade.

It was a big issue or amount of work maintaining support for Snow Leopard?

PS: Mac OS 8 came on floppies too (Mactracker 6.5.1 says CD-ROM only):

Anonymous said...

are you nuts?
osx 10.7 or better?
10.6.8 is BETTER

Anonymous said...

hups, sorry, but maybe it's possible updating the Database also for Version 6.5.x?
Cause of missing SL-Support in Version 7.
Thank You very much.

Send it from my MBP2010 SnowLeo.

Anonymous said...

I'm on 10.6.8. To bad that we are left behind...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great update, finally resolving the bug that made MacTracker unstable and unusable on Mountain Lion! MacTracker is now faster and better then ever.

I have always found it a bit ironic for a database app of old Macs to have relatively high system requirements.

Unknown said...

Since few days I'm experiencing instant crash of it on 10.8.2 :/

Crashed Thread: 6

Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x00000000b0186ffc

Unknown said...

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Roman Davis said...

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